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Welcome on the homepage of Seholsziget Adventure Park

We gave rise to our magical playhouse called Peter Pan in 2000. Our aim was to create a place where children and their parents can spend their time abandoned. The world of fairy tales with its glistening and sparkling power – far from our days’ overwhelming and negative effects – takes us to the land of dreams, where children and parents can live through magical moments together. Spinning along the string of our dreams we wanted to place these impressive adventures into a natural environment. Thus we chose a wonderful site with excellent natural features situated in a picturesque environment of Nógrád county, Nőtincs, where under the aegis of happiness, harmony and peace, the isle of stillness came to life: the Seholsziget Adventure Park. Accommodation 1. Stagecoach Guest House
Guest house with special, unique carvings and with fine art works. postakocsi vendeghaz Prices for families – downstairs /4 rooms with 2+2 beds/:

2 persons: 15.000 HUF/night
3 persons: 16.000 HUF/night
4 persons: 17.500 HUF/night
Extra bed:   3.500 HUF/night

Facilities: Tv, internet, kitchen for public use, fridge, bathroom, closet. Sauna, tub rental. 
Families with more than 2 children can ask our individual offer by e-mail: Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.Prices for groups – upstairs /2 rooms for 2x15 persons/: 3.500 HUF/night/person
/more than 20 people - sleeping bag is needed/ Sauna, tub rental.

Stagecoach Guest House photo gallery >>> here

2. Starlight camp csillagfeny finn faronk

Prices for groups: 2.500 HUF/night/person. More than 25 people: 2.000 HUF/night/person
Capacity: 8 beds/building. Maximum capacity: 48 persons. Facilities: Bathroom, closet.

Hawkeye Riding School

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The Hawkeye Riding School is operating inside the Seholsziget Adventure Park.
Our motto: love, balance, profession.
Work in the riding school is based upon these principles and that is how we await for the riders who are demanding with themselves and their riding as well.
The riding school complex –satisfying all kind of needs – is convenient for 24 horses to keep in stables with loose-boxes. The complex also has a 20x40 m open riding course, a 20x40 m manège and an 11 hectare pasture. With these features it provides services on European level for horses and horse riders as well. A changing-room, a shower and a canteen (facing the manège) gives the whole comfort for the riders.
The riding school takes lessons for beginner and advanced riders in riding school and outside, in class. We organize and manage one-day or longer riding tours.
The reduced season ticket system makes this sport within reach for those who care for their physical and psychic health regularly.
The flora and fauna of the Cserhát mountains provides excellent possibilities for the lovers of outside riding.
A promenade can be done with a Fiord pair or a team of 4 Fiord horses for one hour or longer time crossing the surrounding settlements.
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Our motto: love, balance, profession
”What can you expect, if you ride here? – Horse riding.”
Why do I say this? There is horse riding and there are false horse ridings. The true horse riding works for each horse. The false ones are good only in some cases, for some people and their horses. 98% of the riders struggle with unsolved problems and questions. The true horse riding gives you the answers. Man and horse are developing continuously and endlessly. We get to know the horse and ourselves, we learn how to rule our emotions as well as our horse’s. Than we fear of nothing. Horse riding is not just about overcoming the horse or the obstacles, it is only about overcoming ourselves. You always have to keep to the principles of horse riding. Its characteristics are love, consistency, lightness, flexibility, poise, relax, attention, balance. We never choose the easier way.
Horse riding is a beautiful, but a hard and difficult work. If you like working, you will have a lot of experiences and you will always enjoy it. In addition our riding school undertakes:

• breaking in foals
• training of horses
• retraining of problem horses
• training of carriage-horses
• coach-driving lessons
• managing riding programs (eg.: breed show)
• organizing and managing riding camps
• selling of different horses (foal, high school horse, carriage-horse)
• horsekeeping in loose-boxes or in stud
• organizing team building trainings

We speak English and slovensky languages.
Come and get experiences, which change your life and opinion about horses irrevocably! Services, fees Riding services: rider training, coach-driving course, horse riding camp, mounted tour organization, horsekeeping, horse training.


individual riding lesson: 6.000 HUF/hour
promenade from 4 persons: 2.000 HUF/person/hour
Season ticket for beginners: 18.000 HUF/month 
Riding 2 times/week, it takes 8x30 minutes monthly

If you would like to have resort to our services, please call: 06 20 934 1958. You have to call a day before the planned date.


Seholsziget Élménypark 
Hungary - 2610 Nőtincs, Diófa u. 41. 
Opening hours: all year 10:00 – 18:00 
Tel.: +36-20/934-1958 (english)

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